KNX Konnex is today’s most advanced reference protocol in the building automation sector. It is the only worldwide recognize technology, the standard that combines advantages and guarantees with a strict regulation.

Blumotix is KNX Konnex Member. “We design and produce Made in Italy technological solutions for the intelligent management of environments, according to KNX protocols.”


Blumotix has been adhering to Konnex Standard for years, in the conviction that a high, worldwide share standard could grow the building automation market to the benefit of producers, technicians and final consumers. To be a KNX Producer means to propose high-quality solutions, that ensure the most reliable results and to offer products with high potential of use.
The Konnex system was approved as a European Standard (EN50090) and International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543) for building automation systems. One of the maximum values shared by producers joining KNX Standard is interoperability, which is the possibility to install components made by different manufacturers in the same system.

Konnex’s bus technology reduces wiring complexity compared to conventional wiring systems.
Konnex supports a total of four communication systems:

  • standard two-core cable
  • power line carrier
  • radio frequency
  • Ethernet

The greatest advantage of Konnex lies in system reliability, which is guaranteed by distributed control design that allows other devices to carry on working if one device fails.

– Blumotix, KNX Konnex Member –

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Blumotix is KNX Konnex Member since 2009