Blumotix App

Control home automation systems with your smartphone

The KRIM Blumotix App allows the supervision of home automation systems based on the Konnex standard.

It allows the management of lights, windows, air conditioning and all other Konnex functions normally available. The KRIM Blumotix APP also allows the user to program his system with timers, timer thermostats, and alarms.

The application connects to the system both locally and via a public IP address. The exchange of information between the home automation system and the Smartphone takes place through the use of the Blumotix Webserver. The web server is installed on all Blumotix supervision devices (BX-MS02, BX-K24MS, BX-K27MS, BX-K10MS, BX-T10IP, and BX-T07IP).

The graphic synoptic displayed on your Smartphone is completely programmable with the free Sentiero tool, both in terms of information and commands. Each graphic component is completely customizable to meet the needs of understanding and usability of the user interface.

Blumotix KRIM APP has neither a license limit nor a number of connectable users or configurable functions. The application is completely free and downloadable from iTunes and GooglePlay. KRIM, your Konnex Home Automation System remotely controlled.

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