Building automation for accommodation facilities

From small establishments to five-star hotels

Hotel management systems must always guarantee extreme safety for customers and managers. If there is no continuous supervision, access keys must be issued to customers in a safe manner. It is in this context that the characteristics of Blumotix solutions truly come to the fore. Indeed, thanks to a special application provided free of charge, it is possible to remotely send to customers the numerical security codes able to open and operate the room for the period reserved. Moreover, a suitably- configured motion detector signals the presence of the guest inside the room and optimises energy consumption.

Thanks to the automation system, in an hotel room it is possible to control lights, windows, shutters, blinds, climate, heating/cooling, access control and presence detection. Some advantages of using the home automation system for room management are optimisation and reduction of management costs in terms of accommodation services (reception and concierge), energy saving (integrated control of lights, climate, windows, curtains and shutters) and security (room attendance control, through the access control system).

NEMO: management BMS software

In addition to the numeric keypad for access control, on large complex structures where it is necessary to have more capillary management of the individual services and where it is essential for staff to have a total overview of the systems, a complete solution is available that is able to provide a 360° view of the establishment. This solution can also communicate with the (optional) billing management systems and connect remotely, facilitating the interoperability between different reception areas.

NEMO (Networking Enterprise Management Optimisation) management software has a simple graphic interface for handling all technological systems present within the structure (even with technologies other than KNX). It is available on a number of platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone). The simple and intuitive graphic interface offers a high-quality service to hotel managers whilst reducing consumption and management costs.

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