Blumotix Thermostat of KNX Qubik series is available in 4/8 capacitive key versions, equipped with a central OLED display with blue characters and two RGB LEDs. In the 8-key version (Button and Marble), 4 keys are freely configurable (management of on/off commands, dimmers, shutters/blinds, execution and learning of scenarios, sequences of objects, etc.), 4 dedicated to thermoregulation, and 2 freely programmable RGB LEDs.

The device includes a thermostat with integrated PI controller to manage heating and cooling devices, valves and fan coils with 2 and 4 tubes.

The version with temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor is available in the Button, Marble and Vertical lines shown below.

The humidity probe measures the dew point, avoiding the creation of condensation within the environment. By setting the humidity thresholds, dehumidifiers or CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) can be activated.

The CO2 probe sends values of PPM and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with output signal for CO2 equivalent. Through this detection it is possible to constantly monitor air quality and define emergency thresholds.

The device also allows to detect the presence inside the rooms of hotels and accommodation facilities, for the activation and deactivation of functions aimed at saving energy.

You can request the customization of the glasses.

cover codeBX–F–QQCVT

Square glass thermostat, cream on white base, 4 functions

cover codeBX–F–QQGVT

Square glass thermostat, grey on black base, 4 functions

cover codeBX–F–QQBVT

Square glass thermostat, black on black base, 4 functions

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Keypads equipped with a cutting-edge level of KNX touch control technology.
Dimensions: square 80 X 80 mm and 8 mm thickness only
Plastic case, IP20 degree of protection installed, OLED display with blue backlighting.
4 capacitive buttons for thermostat function control; temperature and humidity function control; programming button and LED on the rear. Operating Temperature: -5°C +45 °C (internal use).
Bus line connection via KNX terminal; flush-mounted on round, rectangular of square box; power supply 30 Vdc via KNX bus and current consumption by KNX bus < 10 mA.


The thermostat is available in the versions:
- Temperature
- Temperature and humidity
- Temperature, humidity and CO2
Pay attention to download the correct ETS library

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