Fields and applications

Control of the buildings

Blumotix manufactures intelligent devices for the automation and control of homes and buildings, developed according to the data communication protocol of the international KNX standard. Creating a system with Blumotix devices means increasing the comfort and safety of use, reducing energy consumption and increasing the value of the building thanks to the products characterised by their ease of use along with their elegant and customizable design.

Producing a Blumotix home automation system is simple and economically sustainable. In the planning stages, simply select the most suitable devices for performing the desired function before arranging them in field according to the regulation and directions set out under the KNX protocol. The connection, completed by means of a special bus cable, guarantees communication between the various components installed and represents the network for information exchange.

The scalability, typical of a Building Automation system created with KNX technology and distributed intelligence typical of such systems, also means costs can be broken down proportionally, avoiding having to make any large initial investments.

Blumotix KNX product range includes system devices, devices dedicated to individual application functions and accessories. The system devices facilitate the operation of the bus system, whilst the equipment dedicated to the individual application functions is developed to perform command, control and/or monitor the various technical installations of the building – such as lighting, heating, shading, audio and so on. Each object has an internal module for communication with the KNX bus, rendering each autonomous and interoperable, capable of working with over 7,000 devices on the market belonging to the same international standard.

Fields and applications

Hall and waiting rooms

The Qubik multifunctional control panel with integrated temperature regulator renders it possible to create a comfortable and pleasant environment. Here there are two appliances in one: an elegant multifunctional and freely-configurable keypad for controlling lighting, scenarios, shutters or any other command along with an intelligent control unit for adjusting the room temperature according to individual needs and times.


Corridors in offices are often used only in transit yet always require a guaranteed minimum degree of brightness, which remains constant throughout the various hours of the day even as the sun exposure changes. Thanks to Blumotix’s motion and presence detectors, it is possible to define the degree of brightness and have the system adapt to the external conditions and the passage of people. Everyday comfort, safety and energy efficiency coexist at all times on the KNX protocol.

Shops, advanced services and shopping centres

Lighting management is certainly one of the salient features to bear in mind within any retail environment. After all, illuminating objects in the right way and enhancing their characteristics helps to sell quicker and better. Through a single DALI actuator, up to 64 bulbs can be adjusted to define the degree of brightness and the status of each light, along with setting 16 different predefined scenarios.

Temperature regulation also becomes an important factor. Visiting a commercial area in which there is the right temperature and correct humidity means customers and visitors are in the ideal conditions, encouraging them to remain in the space for a long time and significantly increasing the chances of making a purchase. Even the management of signage can now be automated – not only in terms of defined timeframes but also the activation with light sensors or through astronomical calendars that turn on the signage at sunset.

Theaters and cinemas, but also churches and sports centres

The main feature of such environments is to accommodate large numbers of people who gather to participate in events, shows and all kinds of gatherings. Safety along with comfort and operational flexibility are the main components that must be taken into account in managing buildings for such occasions. Programmed commands activate predefined scenarios to adjust the intensity of the lights and create the right atmosphere, CO₂ sensors to always guarantee proper air quality and to automatically activate forced ventilation when necessary, safety numeric keypads that enable areas reserved for personnel only and touch screens capable of centralising commands and on which alarms and supervision devices converge.

Schools and Universities

School environments are generally multidisciplinary areas in which there are various environments, such as classrooms, corridors, gyms and assembly areas. Each of these needs to be managed in terms of light, temperature and presence, along with safety and supervision. The set-up can also manage the transition from standard time to summer time with predefined schedules, whilst there is the possibility to utilise the technology in the classrooms in a variable manner, integrating the different technological tools present (PCs, interactive whiteboard, laboratory equipment) with home automation, along with air-quality control and general supervision of security systems. The opportunity to respond to such needs renders schools and universities ideal buildings in which to use KNX systems.

Hotels and accommodation facilities

Particular attention is paid to all accommodation facilities, which in Italy exceed 34,000 units. B&Bs, farmhouses, motels and hotels of all categories and levels scattered throughout the Italian territory represent a fundamental resource in a market that is always seeking elements able to guarantee customers a distinctive experience in terms of comfort and safety.

Needs vary according to the type of structure. Thanks to the Blumotix solutions, however, it is possible to customize services according to the requirements at hand. Through “Doory” numeric keypad, the real heart of the system, it is possible to manage entrance to the rooms with the utmost security and flexibility. Differentiated management according to the type of accommodation facility, option to send the security codes via email if there is no reception (such as for farmhouses and B&Bs) or advanced solutions for hotels equipped with management software dedicated to billing and technological supervision of the systems.

Aesthetic coordination and simplicity

“Doory” glass numeric keypads perfectly coordinate with the KNX commands of the “Qubik” collection in offering a complete solution for the internal and external management of the rooms (presence, power, lights, shutters, climate and so on) and common areas. Each device can store up to 100 codes, guaranteeing customers and service personnel maximum flexibility.

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