Management BMS softwareNEMO

Management BMS softwareNEMO

In addition to the numeric keypad for access control, on large complex structures where it is necessary to have more capillary management of the individual services and where it is essential for staff to have a total overview of the systems, a complete solution is available that is able to provide a 360° view of the establishment.

This solution can also communicate with the (optional) billing management systems and connect remotely, facilitating the interoperability between different reception areas.

NEMO (Networking Enterprise Management Optimisation) management software has a simple graphic interface for handling all technological systems present within the structure (even with technologies other than KNX). It is available on different platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone); the simple and intuitive graphic interface allows you to offer a high quality service to managers, while reducing consumption and management costs.

Codes and types

BX-HTLS1: software NEMO hotel Mini (<15 room)
BX-HTLS2: software NEMO hotel Basic (<30 rooms)
BX-HTLS3: software NEMO hotel Standard (<60 rooms)
BX-HTLS4: software NEMO hotel Professional (<100 rooms)
BX-HTLS5: software NEMO hotel Enterprise (<200 rooms)
BX-HTLS1-365: software 365 NEMO hotel Mini (<15 rooms)
BX-HTLS2-365: software 365 NEMO hotel Basic (<30 rooms)
BX-HTLS3-365: software 365 NEMO hotel Standard (<60 rooms)
BX-HTLS4-365: software 365 NEMO Hotel Professional (<100 rooms)
BX-HTLS5-365: software 365 NEMO Hotel Enterprise (<200 rooms)

By choosing BX-HTLSx-365 solution, you purchase a license that allows you to have continuous technical assistance and annual software update.

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